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A Film Written By
Wil Sylvince & Bryan Kennedy


I Am Maurice is an inspirational tale produced by Michael Che, Damon Wayans Jr and Hasan Minhaj about a Haitian immigrant who after the tragic earthquake of 2010, comes to America to make his dream of becoming a boxer a reality. 

With your help, we can make this movie a reality! We are currently funding this film with NFTs so that YOU can be a part of the journey.


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Wil Sylvince

Actor/ Writer/ Producer

Hasan Minhaj

Associate Producer

Bryan Kennedy

Writer / Producer

Chris Bongirne


Michael Che

Executive Producer

Leslie Jones


Damon Wayans Jr

Executive Producer

Chris Rock



April - May

Launch NFT



August - September


Fall/Winter '23 - '24

Post Production

Fall/Winter '23 - '24

Festival Submission

Fall 2024

Theatrical Release


‘SNL’s Michael Che & Damon Wayans Jr. Aboard As Executive Producers Of Boxing Film ‘I Am Maurice’


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a unique digital asset that is verified on a blockchain network. It allows for the ownership and transfer of digital assets such as art, music, and videos.

Why is the movie being funded by NFTs?

The use of NFTs allows for a new way of financing films that puts more control in the hands of the creators.

How can I buy an NFT for the movie?

The specific details of how to buy the movie's NFTs will be announced soon!

Will owning an NFT give me a say in the making of the movie?

No, owning an NFT does not give you any creative control over the film. However, it does allow for a more direct connection between the fans and the film.

Can I resell my NFT for the movie?

Yes, you can resell your NFT for the movie on NFT marketplaces. The value of the NFT may increase or decrease depending on various factors such as the success of the movie and the demand for the NFT.

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